Explore Rajasthan the way we see it. Vibrant, Earthy & even Luxurious!

Rajasthan, is a state bursting at the seems with light, color and lots and lots of good vibrations! The energies that this city exults are incomparable and unmatchable. When one thinks of Rajasthan, multiple images crop up, be it the arid desert land or the humped camels or the sparkling jewellery or the ‘mojri’ chappals, or the exuberant ‘rangoli’, or the upbeat puppet shows! All these not-so-subtle variations add to the city’s enthusiasm, spirit and appeal by making it even brighter, more colourful and joyous as ever! But in the obvious lies this city’s charm. Rajasthan isn’t and has never been one for subtlety, no; Rajasthan has always prided itself on being larger than life and making its presence felt on the Indian map. Come explore this mystical magical kingdom of kings with trips which can be adventurous and luxurious.